MRE BAR 代餐蛋白棒

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PRoteinIf you love their MRE shake, it is almost certain that you will love the MRE bar as well.

Made from the same real food, with no added cheap ingredients, no fillers and no ingredients that will have your stomach bloated and gassy, MRE is truly a real food bar.

  • 260kcal
  • 20g Protein
  • 29g Carbohydrates
  • 9g Fat

Sometimes it just isn’t convenient to be carrying a shaker around with you or getting cold water to enjoy your shake with.

With the MRE protein bar, not only can you take a snack with you but you can consume REAL food in a calorie controlled, conveniently packed protein bar.

This is not a gimmick!

Redcon1 have stayed true to the MRE concept and made a bar that isn’t loaded with sugar alcohols in order to sell a “low calorie, low carbohydrate bar.”

Instead, they use real food so you can enjoy the bar for both its flavour and its quality!

Don’t be fooled by marketing…

Eat real food!