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有人說,美國人的腸子里平均帶著5-20磅多餘的不需要的 "多餘物"。因此,這可能使他們更容易出現腹脹和腹瀉的情況。了解到這對一些人來說是多麼敏感,尤其是在試圖get ultra shredded 的時候,19次獲得MR.O的教練和CEO Hany "PRO CREATOR "Rambod創造了Light & Tight。它是一種優質的消化道清潔和排毒產品,適用於那些認真對待長度健康的人。

Light & Tight有助於溫和地沖刷你的腸道,清除你體內堆積的所有廢物。難怪這麼多人都有膨脹的肚子,而且他們覺得自己無法減肥。他們從來沒有使用過具有這種創新水平的清潔療法。 Light & Tight還利用專利的PreforPro®益生菌幫助建立和維持健康的腸道。這有助於清除壞細菌,同時為腸道提供平衡和健康的微生物群。有了Light & Tight,你將體驗到輕鬆的廢物排除和乾淨、健康的腸道,從而最大限度地實現你的健康和體格目標。


It’s been said that the average American carries around between 5-20 extra pounds of unneeded “extras” in their intestines. As a result, this can make more susceptible to bloating and getting backed up. Understanding how sensitive this can be for some, especially when trying to get ultra-shredded, 19x Olympia winning coach and CEO Hany “the Pro Creator” Rambod created Light & Tight. It is a premium digestive cleanse and detox for those serious about resetting their microbiome and cleansing out their guts.

Light & Tight helps to gently flush your gut and intestines of all the waste buildup that has accumulated inside of you. No wonder so many people have distended, bloated stomachs and they feel like they can’t lose weight. They’ve never use a cleanse with this level of innovation. Light & Tight also helps establish and maintain a healthy gut using the patent PreforPro® prebiotic. This helps clear bad bacteria while priming the gut for balanced and healthy microbiome. With Light & Tight, you experience easy waste elimination and a clean, healthy gut to maximize your health and physique goals.