Boom Stick 睪丸酮

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Testosterone 唔單止作影響你既性慾,仲會影響到你既增肌效果,情緒,運動表現,皮膚及身型!

而過左25歲後就會自動下降產生testosterone , 所以後生既你會想把睪丸酮保持係最高位,而25歲打後既你會想testosterone level 提升到最高!


Redcon1 一直都以創新及運動表現既產品為主線。今次佢地用上研究指出最有效的成份及份量去創造Boomstick 而佢地既主旨就係No Bullshit !!

Redcon1 話見過太多市場既低質產品及指岀只需要服用1-3粒的Test booster 根本就毫無作用,因為呢個份量係唔會kick start到test boosting 既功效!

當你使用Boomstick 你可以感受到:

Testosterone 上升既感覺例如:力量,肌肉,energy level,性慾同情緒。

呢隻產品係設計比任何男士使用,把你既potential 推到極點!



3120mg D-Aspartic 幫助提升testosterone

1000mg Ashwaganda 幫你減低壓力 (因為壓力對testosterone 影響好大)

750mg Tribulus 可改善男士健康及提升性慾

60mg Fenugreek 可改善皮膚及情緒

250mg Diindolylmethane 防止雌激素增加

175mg Nettle 可降低炎症

0 禁藥成份,運動員絕對可以使用


1 serving 9 粒係市場上產品既3倍!


Don’t let your hormones levels let you down, Redcon1 has scientifically formulated a testosterone booster that will help you increase your free form of it. Boom Stick has a blend of ingredients that will help you improve the male hormone naturally.

Having low testosterone or low T will not only impact your sex drive, but it will also affect mood, energy levels and muscle mass. Naturally, when men hit 25, testosterone levels start to decline, and by the time their hit 30 and 40, the levels will have bottomed out.

Boom Stick by Redcon1 supports the ability to produce testosterone that is no longer there, which will help to improve a range of symptoms.

When you take Boom Stick by Redcon1, you’ll experience:
  • Increase in the free form of testosterone. The combination of ingredients will help you to produce testosterone naturally.
  • Better energy and mood. When levels are low mood and energy get affected, which can impact your everyday life.
  • Increase in strength. As testosterone helps to build more muscle mass, you will get stronger to elevate your training to a new level.
  • Increase Libido. Men with higher levels of testosterone will naturally have more significant sexual activity.

Unlock your full potential with Boom Stick by Redcon1, having low levels of testosterone will not only affect your mood, energy and libido, but your strength will also take a dive. Improve your levels and feel the difference, get your hands on this great test booster today.

This product is excellent for those men who are low in testosterone as well to those who want to start to increase levels.

Each serving (9 capsules) of Boom Stick by Redcon1 has:
  • 3120mg of D-Aspartic Acid can increase the free-form of testosterone.
  • 1000mg of Ashwagandha Root Extract reduce stress and anxiety and cortisol.
  • 750mg of Tribulus Terrestris helps male health, virility, vitality, boost cardiovascular health, libido.
  • 600mg of Fenugreek Extract block the conversation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which can lead to male pattern boldness bad skin, aggression.
  • 250mg of Diindolylmethane (DIM) blocks the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.
  • 175mg of Nettle Extract, which helps to reduce inflammation in the body.