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R1 Train BCAA 好處👇🏾👇🏾







Rule 1 遵循的一條規則:簡單、有效和高效。該產品中沒有不需要的填充物,並且每種成分的添加都是有原因的。及清楚列明劑量。

When you shop for a branched-chain amino acid product, do you stop after you find the perfect blend of BCAA’s? Rule 1 is here to ensure you don’t. With their version of BCAA’s, you don’t just get the power of BCAA’s, but also have other important ingredients working in your favor to help you boost performance and see superior results.

When you take R1 Train BCAA’s, you’ll:
  • Defy fatigue, ensuring you can complete multiple reps and sets of each exercise in every workout you do
  • Keep your body from becoming so catabolic. This means shorter recovery times so you can get back into the gym to do what you do best: TRAIN HARD.
  • Experience recovery like never before. You’ll kiss muscle soreness good by and actually feel okay for the rest of the day after a hard workout. It’ll no longer feel like you were hit by a train after that hard leg workout
  • Experience added energy thanks to better overall hydration. A hydrated muscle is a strong one.
  • Gain improved oxygen and nutrient delivery to the hard working muscles during each rep you do, preventing the unwanted build-up of lactic acid
  • Get accurate information of exactly what you are putting in your body; no propriety blends here

Rule 1 lives by one rule for R1 Train: simple, effective and efficient. There are no unwanted fillers in this product and every single ingredient has been added for a reason. It’s also effectively dosed and you know that dose. Unlike other companies that hide behind proprietary blends, R1 Train has full panel transparency. This is one product you can feel good about putting in your body.

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- Jack -

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